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Save Floor Space in Your Living Or Bedroom Home Remodel

Posted on July 6, 2018 By

If you' re contemplating a home remodeling project, chances are you are searching for more space in your home. You may not need as much floor space while you think! Check out these room saving ideas for bedrooms plus living rooms:


Because doors swing out they take up a lot of space in a small area. Consider re-hanging a door in order that it swings the other way – for example, a bedroom door can open up into the hall. Other options are usually pocket doors that slide in to the wall or sliding doors upon closets.


Need more closet space in the bedroom? Are there adjacent areas that can be eligible for this purpose? For instance, maybe you can cut through the walls and add a little-used hall wardrobe to you existing closet space. Consider re-organizing your closet space along with shelves and drawers. 50 in years past most people were hanging dresses plus suits, so closets left plenty of space for long hanging clothes. Today most people are hanging separates, so that your garment-hanging space can be cut in half. Use this space rather than store shoes or sweaters in drawers or shelves.

Wall Space

Renovate to put even more things on the wall. Hanging cupboards in the bedroom can store clothing. Hang shelves or a television in the living room and save space on the floor. During remodeling you can build in little cubbies in the wall space to store books or represent. If you have a room with a higher ceiling, tall, thin cabinets or even shelves can take advantage of this elevation. Instead of floor lamps, consider sconces or ceiling fixtures.


Think about storage whenever selecting furniture. Look for farmhouse tables with drawers and ottomans along with storage or that turn into visitor beds. There is a wide selection of bedrooms with storage underneath. In kid' s rooms, you can buy an attic bed, which has room for a chest of drawers or desk underneath it.

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