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Reclaiming Unused Space in Your House – Under the Stairway

Posted on May 15, 2018 By

Are there skeletons in your own closet? How about under your staircase? If it has been a while since you possess ventured a look under there probably it’s time you thought about what you can do with that space.

For lots of people the space under the actions is a place to throw extra sports activities equipment, toss out of season clothes, junk, or worse – it really is dead space not being used for something!

With a little creativity and a little bit of work you can turn that little space into a big surprise.

How about a phone booth? If your own space is on your first or even second level of your home and you have difficulty finding a quiet place to talk upon the phone this might be the answer to your problem. If you don’t curently have a doorway leading under the stairs, make one. If you are doing, then utilize it. If light is really a problem, install lighting (either ” cable ” in or battery) and possibly bring in a chair or even build in a cozy cushioned bench. If you don’t have a doorway you can either make one simply by hanging a curtain or placing in a pocket door or even cutting a bifold door on the track to size. Be innovative! If you can’t run a phone jack port into this space that’s OKAY – just put one of your cord-less phones in here!

Need a lot more closet space? The understairway area in my house happens to be in our daughter’s room. Until recently it had been a catch-all for toys as well as other junk. I recently removed all the junk, placed old shelves on the sides along one wall that she could place her shoes on top of and inside of and over that hung a vented cable shelf. I hung her gowns and longer clothes on hangers from the front of the shelf and placed her collapsed jeans and extra blankets on the top of the shelf. Then I put small hooks lower the wall on which to hang bags and belts. I then hung the cord from the light upon the wall so she may reach it. This doubled the closet space in her space.

You could also turn this area into a coat/umbrella/shoe closet if the understairway space is centrally located in the house. The key would be to keep the space organized along with shelving, bins and hanging supports.

Kid’s Playroom: Before I flipped this space in my little girl’s room into closet space plus before it became a catch-all, I used the understairway area in her room for a hideaway playroom for her. I placed the girl 3-ft X 4-ft doll home along one wall and all the girl Barbie dolls and accessories in plastic stackable drawer units below the steps. Kids love to return in little spaces they believe no one else can access and can play there for hours. Also, you are able to line the interior of this area with whiteboard paneling that the little ones can draw on along with dry-erase markers!

Computer and Electronics Charging Station: This is a good spot to have a charging station for all your digital gadgets such as IPods, telephones, and also to keep the handheld games and so on. Just build in the racks you need with labeled bins for every item and the pigeonholes for every cord to come up through plus adequate wiring and receptacles. You may need to hire an electrician with this – you will need to check your local constructing codes. This is also a great spot to keep the family calendar and also a white board to keep everyone arranged. This especially works if the understairway space is centrally located in the house, such as in the kitchen or dining or lobby area. The space will need to be nicely lit.

Home Office Space: This will work if you only need a small area the width of the staircase – install a countertop the thickness of the stairway that your workplace chair can slide beneath if you are not using it. Make sure you possess adequate lighting. You can set up cork to the back associated with the steps for use as a bulletins board. You can maximize the space by hanging staggered dangling baskets on the walls upon each side.

Hopefully these concepts will help you maximize your home’s area by utilizing this often-overlooked area below the stairway – every sq . foot counts!

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