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Make a Treasure Chest in Your Child's Storage Bed

Posted on May 31, 2018 By

Does your child have a bed with a storage area underneath? These are quite common these days and they can be used for many different reasons. Some people store clothes which are out of season to make more closet area. Some store toys and other products but there is a unique way to make good use of this storage space. You can make a treasure upper body in your child' s storage space bed.

Does your child possess a collection of toys or additional items that he or she has collected through the years which they no longer have any use with regard to but that are too sentimental to eliminate? Finding a place for these products can be difficult because you need them to become out of the way to make room for the items that your child is interested now you could not risk getting them confused with something that may be given away. This is a common problem that lots of families have. Usually these items obtain packed away in a container and stored in the garage area or basement never to be seen once again.

The biggest problem with keeping them this way is that these items tend to be damaged by the weather, which causes these to mold and mildew. This destroys any opportunity your child had of possibly transferring them on to their own children 1 day or simply keeping them as a reminder of their childhood. However, it comes with an alternative answer to this very common issue. Turning the storage compartment beneath your child' s bed in to a treasure chest to shop all of these items is the perfect answer.

Since most kids really like anything to do with pirates plus hidden treasure they will love the concept. You will not have any problem getting these to part with the item they love a lot (but that they have way outgrown) whenever they know it will be safely tucked away beneath their bed. In addition, they are able to pull it out plus reminisce about old times anytime they' re in the disposition and then easily store it aside again for safe keeping.

If your child has a normal bed with no storage compartment beneath, you can make your own. All you need to do is usually visit a local retail store and buy plastic containers that were designed for underneath the bed storage. Most of these have small wheels to make it easy to move them back and forth from underneath the mattress. If you or someone in the family is good when it comes to working with both hands, you can even make an under the mattress storage container out of wood. These can be used to store away the pieces your child has grown to love. When a person make a treasure chest in your child' s storage mattress you will be providing them with a special and excellent way to preserve a piece of their childhood. This is usually something they will be thanking you with regard to in the future when they look back again on these items and remember what a remarkable life they had as kid.

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