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4 Clothing Storage Ideas For When You’re Fresh Out Of Closet Space

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It’s a cosmic reality that you will never have enough wardrobe space. You just won’t. The more you have, the more you’ll want, and on and on it goes till your entire bedroom becomes your wardrobe and you can no longer see the floor. In order to avoid getting there—whether you might have no closet at all, or you perform but you just really can’t become bothered to put your once-worn jacket away after work (hear a person; this is actually quite hard)—here are the most popular other ways to rack, hang, plus store clothes.

1. Get the garment rack

And then quickly stop using the term “garment rack.” It sounds a little drab and old-fashioned, and that is definitely not what your bed room is going to look like with these in it. Large, closed-door wardrobes are expensive and a massive commitment; look for an open, lightweight, benign rack instead. (It has more personality, anyway—just like your clothes. ) Oh, and here’s how to keep it searching tidy.

SHOP NOW: Sana Clothing Rack by Urban Outfitters, $149, urbanoutfitters. com

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2 . Hang some very hooks

You’ll create a lot of dangling space this way, and you can have fun with this if you choose single hooks such as or these and arrange all of them semi-randomly. You’ll end up with a sort of photo gallery wall for your sweaters. If going holes in the wall is too severe for you, try an over-the-door stand. Easy.

SHOP NOW: Dip Coat Rack by CB2, $50, cb2. com

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3. Use a ladder

A decorative step ladder can be really functional: Lean up against one wall in your bed room and use it to hang loosely folded, worn-but-not-dirty-yet shirts. Or scarves. Or trousers. See, And if you’re feeling specifically crafty, twist one together making use of lengths of copper pipe.

SHOP NOW: Leaning Ladder Rack within Black by Yamazaki Home, $50, amazon. com

SHOP NOW: Solid Oak Oxidized Decor Ladder simply by Lostine, $485, food52. com

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4. Think about other home furniture you can repurpose

And no, we all don’t mean the back of a seat. Think trunks with plenty of space for storage inside them, placed at the end of your mattress like a bench. Or an old bookcase you’ve been looking to use once again, lined with neatly folded denim jeans and sweaters. Just because they weren’t originally intended for clothes doesn’t imply they’re off-limits. Hand-me-down credenza, Vintage medicine cabinet, Go wild! (*************

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